Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Do Come Back....

As the sky gets painted in blue
And travels across the rainbow’s hues
Falls down rain drops making up puddles
Splashing some on my new doodle
The sun shines bright on summer noon
Pushing back our lovely shy moon
Blows cold breeze in frosty days

Oh…Mom pulls me out when in bed I laze
I still want to float in my dreamland
On Mount Everest  where I stand
Being the brave and fearless girl
Walking over steep roads walking over hills
Fighting every fear enjoying every thrill
But have to get ready just can’t deny
Wobbling up noodles wobbling egg fry

I saw her eyes it was still wet
Crying all night waking up late
Don’t know what to say
To make her smile
Washing away her pain
Scaring it till miles
Finishing my stuff when I walk to bus stop
A small little thought quietly pops up
I miss those days together with dad
Jumping along the house or dancing like mad
Hip hop hip hop we both went about
But not escaping mama’s angry shouts
Hiding under the sofa we giggle up for fun
In drowsy evenings or Sunday’s morn
Reading books of Noddy
Reading books of fairy tales
I used to laugh  like crazy
And never ever wail
Eating extra ice cream from both mom and dad’s share
Visiting carnivals visiting city’s fairs 
I wished the clock never ticked by
Under their shadow I never had to cry
What I didn’t think was
Things will break apart
Coz  it was all so lovely
From the beginning from the start
Why things changed and for whom
I know I don’t have the answers
I don’t have a clue
They say I am kid
They say I am too small
To listen up to grownups talks
And their quarrels .

Well I know I may not be big enough
But at least I understand when to stop
When to say sorry to my loved ones
How to please my best friend in just one instance
As big one’s they don’t even know  that
Not to finish up
Math’s sums too fast
If calculations go wrong in one single step
The whole answer simply goes in waste
To not scribble on art works book
It dirties up the clean beautiful look
To not to fight with your class mate
And to say goodbye when you leave near the gate
If a small kid like me knows all these
Can’t they make up
Sharing chocolate ice cream in our freeze
Life would get sweet
And lovely again
In sunny afternoons
Or in heavy rains
Throw up all anger
And please do come back
To our home sweet home
Oh dear loving Dad .



 A poetry written for Write.... Edit... Publish Challenge ....


What comes to mind for the March WEP challenge - Through the eyes of a child? Rewriting a passage from a child's POV? A montage of images through the eyes of a child? A poignant or exhilarating poem? A non-fiction piece told from a child's POV? The possibilities are limitless!

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  1. Hello Sushree and welcome to WEP! What a beautiful, yet poignant poem on life seen through the eyes of a child. I found it very clever and touching, moving to sadness towards the end. I hope this child's plea is answered. How many children wish for a simple, joyous family life, yet it is denied to so many.

    Thank you for participating in WEP this month.


    1. Thanks you so much Denise ....for your kind words and appreciation .
      I just loved the idea of writing something from the POV of a child :) How gentle are those thoughts of a kid which doesn't demand anything more than simple happiness of life .
      The WEP Blog is really good some awesome stuff there ...Thank you for coming out with something so creative :)
      Looking forward for new prompts in forthcoming months.
      Hope you grow leaps and bounds :)

  2. Hello Sushree, and nice to meet you. Too many children feel insecure and baffled because of adult problems. I hope this child gets what she is asking for, which is all what children ask of us, a happy, loving and secure home, yet we seem unable as a species to answer that plea.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Nilanjana :) Actually I should thank you as I got to know about WEP after reading your post .
      Rightly said about the issue of children and their insecurities . Hope every child's wishes get fulfilled .
      Thanks for dropping by my blog .

  3. Aww Nice one Sushree. This post and prompt actually gave me so many ideas! Is it an open prompt for all?

    1. Thank you MS :)'s open for all visit the Write...Edit...Publish Blog .
      I have added the link at the end of the post .

    2. ooh thats cool, submitted one! really thanks, your post gave me ideas! :D

  4. A beautiful and flawless one from the child's innocent thoughts:)

    1. Thank you Vishal for your beautiful words :)

  5. Such a lovely poem with the right Qns & thoughts, Sushree.
    Why can't people understand & patch up like kids?

    1. Thank you Anita for the appreciation :)
      May be because they aren't that simple at heart .....

  6. We can learn a lot from kids.. Lovely poem Shushree...

    1. Thank you Preethi for your lovely comment :)

  7. Lovely thoughts, and poignant! Well done, and I liked the simple way you had her sum it all up in her mind. Life is simple when you're young. . .but they do see more than we think they see.

    1. Every one has their own interpretations for life . But sometimes we get so engrossed in life , we simply forget about others feelings .
      Thank you so much for the appreciation :)

  8. Oh so well done. So very clear where her love lies, who she misses and yet it's so gentle, almost melancholy. I felt her joy, felt her hesitation as she reaches to describe what is foreign and uncomfortable among the joyous memories and desires.

    1. Oh..thank you so much for understanding the emotions I tried to decipher in the poem . Glad you liked it :)

  9. WOW Sushree... this is beautiful !

  10. Very poignant. So insightful. How we underestimate our children. They are so wise. I loved the bit about her wanting to brave and fearless. As a child I so longed to be a heroine! Still haven't given up hope.

    1. We should never give up hope Jenny ...who knows it may come true in the most unexpected way .
      Glad you liked it :)

  11. What a lovely entry - the child's wishes are just so simple and then the adults make life so very complicated. Welcome to WEP.

    1. Thank you Sally :) I would love to be a part of WEP .


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