Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Relations .....

This post is for Write Tribe's Festival of Words....Day 3 " Free Write "

So , where did it start ? In the classroom , in the college bus , in the workplace or in a festival . Don’t  remember  where .
But it started somewhere. When we bumped into each other . Accidentally stumbled upon .Was it predestined or a mere coincidence . Don’t even know that .

What happened there on… wasn’t just a coincidence rather honest efforts. Not one way but both .
The first time we met ,you remember …absolute strangers we were . One of us threw a reluctant smile . One of us stretched that hand first .
Then it slowly grew . Over moments ,over days, over months ,over years .  And today here we are…Together .

Sometimes they ask me “Who you are ? Why am I so close to you ? “ “Why Did I choose you , when there were much better and more deserving people around . Sometime even you ask me the same .
I get drowned in confusion . Not because I don’t have an answer . But because I don’t have an absolute answer .
I have always felt , there can’t be any absolute reasons for liking someone , for being with someone ,for getting along with someone . 
What do you think...can there be any ?

Sometimes they ask  “ What relation I have with you ? “
Again I get perplexed . Not because I don’t have an answer for them . But because I don’t have with myself.
In which relation shall I tie you up with . Are you my brother , my sister , my colleague , my senior , my mentor or just a friend .

If I give this thing between you and me a name… I feel …I confine your role to just one.  What about all other roles you played . Can I deny that .
Being protective like a father , caring like a mom ,irritating like a brother ,sharing like a sibling , guiding like a teacher , confining like a friend and loving like a beloved .
So , how can I limit in just one .

Sometimes they ask “ What am I gaining with you ? “ Name ,fame , prestige ,wealth …What ? “
“ What is that pulls me to you ? “
I can’t answer that . Not because I don’t have one . But because I don’t know which one to mention .        I know they  won’t  get satisfied with my reply . They have never been .

But , today… I want to ask .

Why do we get along with someone ? Why do we choose them ? Why do we scribble just one person’s name in our school notebook as our best friend ? Why do we like to call someone whenever we find time ? Why do we remember only that someone when we are in trouble ? Why his/her face flashes in our mind when something special happens to us ?...good or bad . Why that lone voice gives us peace ?

And why does that make us feel we aren’t  alone  . Someone’s out there to hold us if we fall back  .

They say what are the Gains … Are these business deals / partnerships for a big venture where we need to take calculated moves ….  Analyze  profits and losses .  

No , these are Human Relations .
Unbounded by the confines of our lives . Pure and free flowing just like a stream .
Crossing every boundary to join the Divine Sea .

I scribbled whatever came to my mind in 20 mins ....


  1. Wow very awesome post. Indeed human relations are for ever. WE must maintain them great care.

    1. Thank you so much ...ma'm :) I feel relationships are for ever and beyond...

  2. So many questions,I thought I knew the answers but like you i did not have the exact answers till I came to the last line.It is a beautiful post!

    1. Actually ..over the years I have encountered these questions some way or the other .
      And thank you for liking the post :)

  3. The last line is a true clincher ! Loved the emotional waterfall :)

    1. Thank you so much ...I am glad that you loved it :)

  4. That's a brilliant flow of emotions :) I think you said it rightly so that human relations are free flowing like a stream. Superb!

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation ....

  5. You scribbled this in one go! Because it is very beautiful what you have written, really...
    human relationships need no boundaries I feel..


    1. Ya..I did ..after waking up whatever came to my mind I just wrote that .
      Thank you so much for the appreciation of my work ...it means a lot :)

  6. They are complicated yet beautiful- these relationship s

  7. It sure is straight from the heart :)

  8. That was indeed straight from heart! I was smiling the whole time reading this post, thinking of those selected few in my life, i know i can always bank upon! lovely post!


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