Tuesday, 4 March 2014


She put down her luggage on the berth and waved good bye to her father .
Unclear chatters flowed in , relieving her with the presence of women co-passengers .

Settling down near the window she started to feel the gentle breeze on her face that seemed to play with her random brown hair .
Moments like these were her favorite coz they gave her  freedom to dive deep into the world of her thoughts.
Time seemed to pass on with the rolling wheels on the track .

Having gotten engrossed in a new book ,she was completely unaware of some one’s presence near her .
Hesitantly she raised her head to find a guy about her age standing with a bottle of water .
“ Oh …is this yours “…” I am sorry “…. She spelled out in haste .
“ It’s fine…no issues …I prefer hovering around on this wheels in motion “ he said and vanished leaving behind the bottle .

The sun had started shining radiantly and the pantry boys had delivered the packets .

“ So ,you enjoy reading or is it just a travel companion ? “
Faint lines of disgust could be clearly seen on her face , she hated being disturbed from the dwellings of a book .
“ I love reading “ she said in a crude manner , “ Me too “ came a prompt reply .

Next summer ….

The train screeched to halt in a station during the wee hours of the morning .
The cold wind gushed in through the slight space compelling her to wake up .
With lazy eyes she looked out of the window when someone familiar caught her attention .
Their visions coincided freshening up the morning with a gentle smile .

“ You want one  “ he asked offering her a cup of tea warmed up with emotions .
“ So , you a doc …don’t worry I saw your medical books previous time “.
“Oh !” and  “ You “…”she asked , “ Me too but of the non living ones that has stormed into our private spaces decades ago”.
They burst into laughter disturbing the sound sleep of fellow passengers .

Few summers more….

She put down her luggage on the berth , the train’s siren resonated across signaling it was time for departure.

And together they bid goodbye to their in laws .



  1. A lovely little story that culminated in a happy ending.Thanks

    1. Thank you ...Sir ..and thanks for joining my blog :)

  2. So they were meant to be together. Left their in-laws together... Many a love story has blossomed on trains.


  3. Wow! A love story that blossomed during train journeys! Lovely :)

  4. Very nice story! :-) keep writing!

  5. well composed :) this made me think abt DDLJ :D
    even i blog ^_^ find me on


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