Saturday, 20 June 2015




Today wasn’t great. Nor was yesterday. He had no idea about the future ones.

His hands shivered. Mouth dried up. Vision got blurred and mind went blank.
He felt burdened.
As though it wasn’t a circumstance but a big hole dragging him deeper inside.

His struggles were in vain. 
Neither repaying nor repairing.
He felt like a piece of junk. Abandoned in an old filthy garage.

Folding his palms together, he knelt down.
Prayers trickling down on his cheeks.

And suddenly everything felt, alright when he remembered his mother’s voice whispering “Sometimes you just have to leave it on HIM”



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  1. wow this is beautiful His struggles were in vain.
    Neither repaying nor repairing....

  2. interesting......enjoyed reading it.....

  3. Lovely story of faith, Sushree.
    Wise to leave it to Him :)

  4. Leave it to Him....comforting words

  5. Brilliant story told, Doc, restoring faith in self. You've injected emotions in describing the mother-son relationship.

  6. Lovely Verses Sushree .
    Enjoyed reading it .
    Have a Great Day.

  7. Faith is always a powerful thing :)

  8. yes, leaving on God is the best thing we can do apart from our best efforts :)

  9. A wonderful thought to start the day. When things go out of hand and all is blurred someone unseen cushions us from the worst.

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