Monday, 15 June 2015

Left Over

I had lost everything. 
So had he.

Devastated I waited for mother nature to take me in her arms and annihilate me, just like my loved ones.
Devoid of belongings and belongingness, I roamed around like a paronoid surviving like those last drops of water in a blazing hot summer day, feeling empty and purposeless.

But fate, it never abandons those, whose time hasn’t come.
It pulls, it pushes and it drives us to our desired destinations.

That’s when I met him. My companion, a blue coloured moped,  who was a leftover too.

And together we renamed survival as life. 


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Image courtesy : Write Tribe


  1. That's a nice story of being abandoned. Sadly its a reality in our society

  2. Lessons learnt through life. Well expressed :)

  3. Beautifully written and lesson to learn from in life. No matter how battered we are, we never stop to struggle in life.

  4. Nice story woven around the picture :)

  5. Oh this was a brilliant take! Hope is always around the corner :)

  6. You just summarized life with this take on the prompt. Life is about adapting and moving on.

  7. Your thoughts are so creative! And I totally love them..



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