Thursday, 2 July 2015


It burned bright, incinerated, set ablaze my whole existence and rekindled my sunken thoughts.

The color red, your favorite and mine too adorned the walls of the room I had stepped into. 
The dark brown photo frame on the wooden bedside table wasn’t actually blank though it appeared so, as it's your picture that it was waiting for to cling on.        

Mystifying, it felt at first in the initial days when I had shifted to this new place alone, far from my past tie ups breaking shackles that  grasped me.

Little did I know, it was you who had pulled me, again, my twin flame, till the very morning of yesterday when I saw you drying yourself in the balcony, fresh from bath, droplets still hanging on like a stubborn desire,  I found home in the middle of nowhere. 


Pic : Google Images

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  1. Very thoughtful and lovely...

  2. Beautiful words, we discover the self in our hot fav space, that we personalize:)

  3. A lovely take on the prompt Sushree :)

  4. I liked your take on the prompt!

  5. That was indeed a powerful one :)


  6. Lovely imagery here - the blazing and incineration, the breaking of the shackles etc.
    Nice work.

  7. That was a brilliant take on the prompt :).


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