Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Morning Cuppa

The mind is blank,
So are my thoughts,
Eyes just stare into the sky,
Not knowing whether to laugh or cry,
Overwhelmed they say I have gotten,
Worrying too much
Reacting often.
I know it’s wrong but can’t I just be
Someone I want to see                                                        
Though I have waited all these while
But never received in return a smile.
It’s only for the first few hours
Then nobody,
Not a single one cares.
Even I have wishes
I have expectations
To get adored
To feel loved.
But it’s only she who gets,
All the attention
And levels up my stress.
It seems as though I do not exist
Even when it’s me who holds the gift
The gift mankind has been gifted with
Well may be by chance
But it’s not a myth.
It’s something you savor
Go crazy if you don’t find her
As if she’s the only one who reliefs your life
Forgetting that I too strike a chord
Holding her with my strong arms.
Giving her the support
Letting her stand
Burning myself with her warmth,
For you to feel the morning chill
To live every moment
To enjoy the trill.
It’s great that you adore her dear
At least give me a look that you care
Coz it’s Us who make you alive
Brushing off your stress
Rejuvenating your life.
I hope someday you
Fulfill my wishes
Shower some love
On Me....
Your old forgotten,
Morning Cup



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  1. Nice lines :)

  2. Very heartfelt and emotional poem!

  3. Very well conveyed feelings :) good work

  4. ahh those feelings!! Wish a cup could erase all that.

  5. A creative poem brightens up my day. Lovely.

  6. I've been using the same coffee cup at work for nearly 5 years. Time, I guess, that I show her some love! Alana

  7. wow.. u left me thinking.. superb

  8. Really...glad I could do that :)

  9. Oh My God..!! That was so creative and true!
    I love the way you weave your thoughts Sushree.. :)


  10. Very neatly conveyed feelings. :)


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