Thursday, 28 May 2015


Anjali stood in the balcony, feeling the cool morning air and looking at the white topped building that was almost invisible just like her future according to her family.

“Do you even have an idea about what you are trying to say ?"
"It’s a hobby, limit it to a hobby, don’t dare to make it a profession. Diverting your way from the traditional paths is not going to help either of us in any way” she remembered  her mom spelling out those stern words.

“I know it wouldn’t be easy, still it would be worth the risk” she thought as sun rays splashed colors on the faint blue sky clearing away clouds of inhibition. 



                             " Take A Step Towards Creativity And A Journey Would Start "

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  1. So many dreams killed because this scene happens way, WAY to often.

  2. It takes a brave heart to step away from tradition and create their own future.

  3. I loved the quote and how the story proceeded.. it happens with so many..
    Well written Sushree:)


  4. Ah how many people have heard these words! Glad things are slowly starting to change though.

    Are you on FB and if so, would you like to join the Write Tribe FB Group?

    1. Most of us have and so have others. Sorry Mam..I am not in FB. Hopefully things will change...

  5. Yes, it wouldn't be easy, but it will be worth it. :) Well said, Sushree.

  6. Hi sushree. I can imagine the clouds of inhibition she can to fight . creativity requires courage you see. Well written ! I am glad to be here and read your post


    1. Thank you..great to have connected with you :)

  7. Lovely story Sushree :-)
    Have a great day .
    Hugs <3.

  8. Parents dont try to allow their own children to give a chance to their so called - unreal dreams
    but everyone atleast deserves a chance to chase... thats what has to be realised sooner by such parents...
    Good description☺


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