Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Sky, Sand & Sea.....

Get lost ,
In me...
The pain,
The spree...
The sand,
The skies
The gravel
The pebbles,
It’s yours not mine
The fights the squabbles
The everyday struggles,
Let them go,
As I am here
For you
For them
For tears
For pain
To wipe away those lines
On your forehead
Just show up at the door
That’s my shore
To start a new journey
Of self discovery
Are they your own ?
Then why be a pawn
In their dirty hands
When you can lie on my sand
To wash off
The fear
The anguish
The never ending despair
The smoke can not rescue
But surely
I can....
Embracing you
Caressing you to sleep
Making you feel,
Life is not just a mountain steep
Come just once
Bid goodbye to the trance
The blues await
Where the land and sky meet,
For wanderers like you,
For seekers like me,
There lie,
Your secrets
Also mine.

 NB : This poetry is inspired by few pics sent by a friend of mine. So a heartfelt thanks to him :)


Do scribble down few words ...it motivates :)

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