Saturday, 5 May 2018


Infiltration was a routine in the territory.
The alert wasn't unexpected.
They waited with bated breath.
For the right moment .
With fingers on the trigger and vision across the stream.

Movements from the other side could be felt.
In a blink of an eye bullets fired through the trees, piercing bodies testing resolve of the team.
Not enough to stop Major Verma to proceed in the dark leading the pack.
Shooting them down before getting shot.
Protecting the land he bows his head down to.

Write up and Pic :  Friday Fictioneers


  1. Brilliant story on the sacrifice of our soldiers, fighting valiantly for the motherland.

  2. Tale of courage and sacrifice. Well narrated.
    Hats off to our soldiers.

  3. What a powerful and meaningful snapshot. Good job.


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