Sunday, 14 September 2014



Sudhir ran with full speed but it seemed as if he was destined to be late. The car had already left the campus leaving behind a trail of memories that filled his heart with happiness but at the same time snatched away his beloved Smriti.

The book dropped from his hands as a grief stricken Sudhir broke down in pain for not ever being able to speak of his innumerable emotions that he hid behind his subtle smile.
The book lay there on the floor untouched, ignored like a lost love feeling helpless and baffled waiting for someone to come for it’s rescue when the canteen boy’s eyes fell on it and within no time it found itself surrounded by numerous others on Park lane, famous for old books.

“As in books so in life, it’s not about the hours but the feelings that binds us…. Your’s Sudhir” were the lines written on the first page of a Nicholas Spark’s novel with the date of their graduation, that Smriti discovered on one of her expeditions for old books in the city and an unexpected celebration filled her heart with warmth speaking out unspoken emotions that Sudhir wasn’t able to.

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  1. Nice Sushree.
    I remembered some quotes-
    Sharing them here in my own words :)
    "put the life in the years, not years in the life"
    "don't be sad that it's over, be happy that it happened"

  2. Thank you Anita....and thanks for sharing the quotes :):)

  3. Thank you so much :) Welcome to my blog...

  4. The book reached the intended recipient in an unexpected way! Nice story!!

  5. Thank you :) If something's meant to be would be yours :)

  6. It reminded of Hindi movie 'Milenge Milenge' , if it was made with such emotions as portrayed in this post this would be a hit, very well written

    My Entry Courage

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