Thursday, 18 September 2014

As The Sleepy Night....

As the sleepy night,                                                     
Creeps into deep slumber,
Reclusive obscure thoughts,                                             
Awaits to get unveiled,
Through poems through fables,
Through fictional stories,
Reliving their lives,
Rinsing off old worries,
They commingle together,
 Linking up unknown strands,
Filling in colours on canvass,
As if blessed with a magic wand,
Rhymed unrhymed,
Facts concealed in fiction ,
Display unmatched flair  ,
Words drenched in emotions,
Words drenched with care.


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  1. Lovely poem Sushree. It can certainly be annoying when one can't get too sleep with the mind rambling on. ;) <3

  2. A very nice poem, Sushree.There are many distractions, which keep cropping up, which do not allow us to sleep peacefully.

  3. So very nicely written Sushree... Sometimes it does happen, doesn't it?

  4. Happens always,esp when in the midst of some writing challenges. Beautifully written! :)

  5. Agree on that about the night being more alive.

  6. Beautiful Sushree. Being a night owl, I can totally related to this one !!


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