Thursday, 19 March 2015


The spoken English class was about to begin and everyone seemed excited, not for speaking English but for finally getting a glimpse of their newly recruited teacher. And he entered, a firm built tall man in his late twenties rising the temperature a bit more inside the class than outside. 

“Vindictive”…”Having or showing a strong unreasoning desire for revenge” he said, explaining a new word with it’s meaning and in turn asked the class to describe a situation which blends with the word.

The curly haired boy sitting in the fourth bench raised his hand and stood up promptly trying not to miss a chance of impressing his new teacher and spoke of an incident he had read in the news paper few days back.

The incident was something like this as described by him “A family was dragged out of their thatched roof house residing on the outskirts of a village and were literally beaten to death as everyone suspected them of witchcraft which had killed a  young girl due to  fever of unknown origin”….”would that be considered as vindictive sir” he asked leaving the class as well the teacher wide eyed.


  1. Lol.. Nice one doc...

  2. Here the cruel act was done as a revenge over a suspicion of witchcraft.
    Vindictive would require a stronger reason for vengeance, i believe


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