Wednesday, 1 April 2015

# 1 Away....

I was getting late. Well I can’t complain. It’s one of my old habits.I always tend to get late. Almost for all things. Particularly for exams. My mom has been complaining all her life about this habit. But I couldn’t change. You know how stubborn habits are. More than the pestering cry of a new born.
 Still I don’t find myself in troubled waters.The result sheet saves me. Where the opposite happens.U can find my name among the top scorers.
And the same happened again today. My PG entrance exam was scheduled to be held after 3 hours. The center was about 2and half hours away. Mom had called in the morning and reminded me of starting early.
But me being myself was behaving in the same way. Everything was set and fortunately or unfortunately I wasn’t finding my bike keys. Bewildered I gave a call to my best friend. He said he had already started  from his home and needs to pick his another friend’s friend who has come to the city to write this exam.
I begged him to please help me out as I was not finding my bike keys. He agreed to that only after giving me a nice scolding.
I could finally breath in peace when I saw his blue colored car approaching and ran towards it intending not to waste more time. In a moment I jumped into the front seat and asked him to speed towards the destination. I was about to open my notes again to give a final overview, when Ritesh introduced me to the girl sitting in the rear sit. “Smita” he said and she gave a sweet smile in reply.
“U know her” somebody inside my head told me. But how I wasn’t able to figure out. I was totally confused. Whether to remind the millions of facts that were already revised a numerous times or try to figure out about the sharp nosed girl with straight dark hair sitting behind me.
I was half into question paper when I exactly got who she was. Her striking sharp nose had struck me long back. And it struck me today. Through the tough parts of Pharmacology, I remembered the chemistry I had once shared with her during my school days. Being the son of an honest officer my schools used to change almost every year. Hundreds of names and thousands of faces. Still she wasn’t completely out of my mind.
Those dark eyes still mesmerized me. I had searched for her quite a bit. But wasn’t successful in any way.
My paper was over. So was my search. I was eager to get out of exam hall. Meet her. Talk to her. Ask her a numerous things. And never let her go again. I hurried towards Ritesh’s car but was dejected to find him standing alone.
‘Smita’ I asked.
“She left with her cousin”he said with a naughty smile.
And I replied, with the same old smile that spoke for my heart, with which she had walked away.

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  1. Oh that's sad! I wish she could have gotten chance to meet her!
    And Then There Were None

  2. Very touching...

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  3. awww what a missed chance!! Beautiful narration.

  4. That's sad but beautifully narrated!

  5. Loved the narration Sushree :) Wish he had got to meet her at least this time!


  6. Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments. Even I think he should finally meet her this time and have decided to continue the story. Hope this works out well.

  7. Seems like the beginning of a cute love story :-)

  8. Aww! Hope he meets her again. Well narrated, Sushree. :)


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