Thursday, 30 April 2015

# 26 Zephyr

There was a long list of things I had to attend. So were a long list of patients waiting for me. A get together was planned in the evening as Anwesha had got admission in her dream college. Mom was really happy. Now a days she keeps happy most of the times. Her tensions, her worries seemed to have vanished somewhere. As if her life was again falling into place. I keep too busy these days. Sharing time for everyone and with everyone isn’t an easy task for a doc. My child patients save my day. Their smiles, their complaints, their wobbles, their screams bring charm into my professional life.
Finishing off my duty I hurried towards the parking lot. It was difficult to find my beloved four wheeler. I wasn’t exactly able to remember where I had parked it. Forgetfulness. Its has also become one of my habits. I punched my head in the back and tried to remember where it was. There. It’s there .
I zoomed towards the supermarket making sure to buy each extra thing that was ordered. Packing up the stuff I headed towards home. Not forgetting to buy flowers on my way.
The door was opened even before I placed my fingers on the bell. It was Anwesha. Gosh she has grown up like hell. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The little girl who was crying and didn’t even understand the reason behind it had turned into a beautiful girl today.  She hugged me. I smiled and moved inside. Almost all our guests had arrived. So I was the last one. “ Mr.Late, always late” Ritesh teased me. And I reciprocated with laughter. Habits you know, they never leave us even if we intend to. Mom was sitting in the sofa. With our invitees around her. Reading a story to them. They listened with abrupt attention. Even Sandhya was there. The girl who had introduced me to a complete new world of her charity home.
And then she arrived. With glasses of soft drinks for everyone, serving them with her own hands. My nose got attracted to the aroma from the kitchen. I moved towards it. Trying to sneak into what special had she made today.
“What are you doing there stupid ? Touching food with your unclean hands. Is this what medical science teaches you ?”
“I was just…”
“I was just what ?” she asked pretending to be angry. And I watched her. As the zephyr from the window gently blew in. Playing with her hair strands. Letting them stick on her face to the sweat drops. Making her feel uncomfortable. And I stepped closer to her. Moving her hair aside with my fingers. Arranging them in their place. The way she had done with my life. Making it beautiful with her presence. Making it serene with her poise. Making it liveable with her life. Making it lovable with her love. I felt losing myself, not her. The way I had felt when she was asked to choose. In her depth. In her aura. In her elegance. To get tied with her for eternal times, making this bond travel universes.  
“Amrit we need to arrange for dinner. Shall we start. Kids you know how they are, they get hungry really soon” she said in a concerned voice. This is what I loved most about her. She cares for everyone just the way she cares for me. "And ya, Mom and Dad are about to reach in few minutes"

As everyone was eating, I settled down on a chair in the balcony. Watching them from far. The kids. Who had literally become my family now. My mom and my In laws indulged in some discussion as if they are about to change the world. My  sister who was sitting in the sofa and fighting with Ritesh for something. Ritesh my friend, my brother, my companion who was more than my family.
 And Smitha among all. The woman who stepped into my life on that fateful day, Choosing me over everyone else. Who had made our house, a home. Decorating it in a simple yet elegant way. Filling my life with uncountable reasons to smile. 
As the zephyr blew by, past the wind chime. Tingling it, making it rhyme. My eyes closed in thankfulness to God. For blessing me with relationships that travels beyond words.

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                                                     ******  The End ******


  1. This is the final post for A-Z Challenge 2015. It has been a great experience again. Writing a blog novel for the very first time was a challenge in itself. Thankfully I completed it.
    Thank you A-Z for giving professionals like us reasons to continue writing :)

  2. Congrats Sushree. Your posts warmed the heart during the challenge and this one was bang on:)
    It touched the heart and shows love spark magic.

  3. Beautiful ending, Sushree. Congrats on finishing the challenge. You did a very good job in keeping us hooked to the story. :)

  4. Hello there.
    Congratulations on surviving the A-Z Challenge! I didn't get to visit your blog during the crazy month of April so I'm popping over today from the Road Trip. My goal is to visit all the blogs that linked up, before next year's challenge starts up again.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess


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