Tuesday, 14 April 2015

# 12 Life & It's Moments.....

Three years Later….

This is my final year of PG in the faculty of pediatrics. It had been my dream to do my PG from PGI. It is one of the best institutes in the country for pediatrics.
The daily ritual of seeing child patients, interacting with them, diagnosing them, prescribing them was my favorite part. I mostly loved the part when they didn’t open up. Keeping their mouth tight lipped. Coercing me to apply few of my tricks. With every passing day I got to understand child psychology more and more. I have been lovingly renamed as Dr.A . Most of my batch mates usually lose their patience with kids. Get irritated from their stubborn behavior. But I don’t. Patience is what life has taught me. Though in the hard way. Sometimes even I myself get surprised from my ability to hold on.
Today, there was a particular case my fellow batch mate had asked me to look at. A girl of about 3 years old. She had been suffering from mild fever and allergies since past week. I went to the department. Asked the nurse to call out for the patient.
She came in. Wearing a light blue colored dress. With matching shoes and handkerchief. I don’t know why, but a look at her face awakened something inside me which I had suppressed with great efforts.
“Good morning” I told her when she had just entered.
“Good morning” she replied in a very soft tone that brought a smile on my face.
“What is your name”
“Sandhya” she replied very confidently this time.
“So how are you Sandhya ?”
“I am fine. Thank you”
I smiled again and was impressed with her politeness. Asked her how was she feeling. To which she replied she was completely alright. It’s the elder's in the house that didn’t let her play outside in the garden forcing her to be in bed as she was not well. But she thinks she is perfectly healthy except sneezes that she gets every now and then. I had got her file in my hands and took a look at it asking the nurse to call the person accompanying her inside.

I never had the slightest idea of what was going to happen the next moment. 
We humans tend to think that we are the most powerful of all species. But always ignore how vulnerable we are. To moments of impact. Moments that make or break us. Moments that determine our future course. Moments that gift us. And moments that snatch away. 
Our life changes in moments. Just in a single moment.



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  1. At times life changes in a moment and at times it takes moments to form a life :)

  2. Oh, I have a feeling where this is going..

  3. So true, life changes in a single moment.

  4. One moment is enough to change everything.


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