Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Moving to the city wasn’t easy
Saying goodbye was the most difficult part as my mom clung on to my fingers just like a little girl on her first day to school

I boarded the bus, coercing my self to stay strong, for moving on promised a future way different from the boring afternoons of my small town

Though I landed in the city of my dreams but the real challenge now stood in front of me, the hunt for a new home
And there it was, a single roomed apartment in the outskirts, promising me a little  warmth as my old room

Image :
Lauren Moscato

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  1. May the new home provide you with all the warmth you need :-)

  2. Best wishes for living in the new city and well, it's going to be fun, a lil weird at times and well mostly fun too! Cheers!

  3. Thank you Amrit and embarkwithmythoughts :) But actually here " I " is the protagonist in the story. Not myself ;) May be I didn't express it in the right way or something..... Still thanks a lot both of you. And I have already moved to a new city :)

    1. Or may be I didn't get what you are saying :) I am confused .....

  4. I love this, but i want to know more about the journey and how it turns out!
    I hope you will visit me, too!


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