Thursday, 23 April 2015

# 19 Sombre

I finished reading  a portion of what was written. Thinking exactly how to react. That’s what she had asked me. Unable to figure out I continued reading the letter that slowly started to untangle the snarled thoughts of my mind.....

About a decade ago our paths had crossed. So had our feelings. Though unknown to both of us but an unseen bond had been built. It existed with us. Within us. Around us. And surrounded us. It brought us together even if we were far. It spoke for us although without uttering words. It planned for us not letting us realize that it was doing so. It designed the future never worrying about our pasts.

Many a times you would have thought how cruel life has been to you. Spreading a vicious circle all around and never letting you come out of it. Dragging you back. Compelling you to feel pain more than than any other emotion. So have I.

We both have spend our lives apart. Away from each other not being connected in any way. But have you ever wondered how inseparable we have been over the years. How every road that I walk has led me to yours and yours to mine, in spite of the conflicts,the diversions, the deviations, the differences. How we have spend the same moments in the same manner though in different places. 

It may seem my life has traversed a smooth road. No, it hasn’t. I belong to a background of political class. People too busy in sharing power than sharing love. People too concerned about the external equations than internal ones. People whose lives are guided by alliances not by values. Though they justify it in every form that it’s only value that guides them. It’s laughable to hear them speak in front of the cameras that how it’s the society’s worries welfare that tends them to lead sleepless nights. Whereas we know the truth is exactly the opposite. It’s their own welfare disguised as the welfare of society.

Life of a girl child in a traditional family with political affiliation isn’t at all a dream the way others comprehend it. there’s nothing you can call your own. Except your feelings. even that has to be bound within the confines of your limitations which is going to be determined from time to time. It varies according to everybody’s needs. Needs change limitations change. So you have to too. Over the years I have seen and gone through phases I may not be able to describe in one go. Bit I can assure you it wasn’t very pleasant. Three years back when I saw you in the front seat of your friend’s car, the hope of finding you some day came true. You may think why did I ever try to find you. When I hadn’t opened my mouth during school and ignored you all the while. Actually I hadn’t. I was a complete introvert. Never knowing how to express.

My happiness knew no bounds that day when I finally found you. At that very moment I had forgot that the strings of fate had already tied me up. My future had been decided with someone I wasn’t prepared for. 

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  1. This sounds interesting. But awaiting the next part

  2. It never is easy as it seems. Very true.


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