Friday, 3 April 2015

# 3 Choice.....

By the time we reached our favourite spot the blazing rays had started to mellow. Wind was shifting it’s direction. Our feathered friends were getting ready to fly back to the coziness of their homes. And the ocher leaved tree stood exactly at the same spot where we had left it the last time. As if waiting, just like a committed partner.

“So where did it start”…Ritesh asked.

I was taken aback by his straight forwardness. 

He looked at me that spoke in clear tones “ I am your best friend, I can read even the lines you haven’t written”

I walked ahead of him. Towards my ocher coloured friend who stood with a promise to engulf me in his arms. To pacify my baffled mind. To let me speak.To let me cry. To let me be myself. And not to judge me.
I wasn’t prepared to speak out at first. May be I wasn’t prepared to travel back. I was scared to walk those lanes again. But today I think I have to. 

“You can’t conceal forever Amrit”

I know I can’t. Nobody wants to.
But sometimes we aren’t left with a choice. Are we ?


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  1. Lovely post Sushree! Keep going! Look forward to all your posts throughout the month!
    Ps - is the title good? :)

  2. Love ur last line, Doc. So well written and always a pleasure to read ur post:)

  3. I can read even the lines you haven't written - loved this line :) hopping off to read the next post :)

  4. The story is getting deeper ... am loving it :-)

  5. Love the way you are telling the story. :) off to the next part.


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