Tuesday, 21 April 2015

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I don’t know how you would react after seeing this letter of mine in your inbox. I am not even sure whether you would read it or not. Still I think it’s my responsibility to reveal, what I have been concealing inside the hidden treasures of my heart since a real long time.
It seems life is a series of coincidences. We keep on hearing that every single event that takes place in our life is a matter of our destiny. That we are destined to be who we are and how we end up. It’s our fate that pulls us, propels us, guides us, directs us and makes us walk the path it has decided for us. I have no idea what my fate has in store for me. or I would better say what it has in store for us.
Life has shown you too much reality at an age when life should have been dabbed in illusions. Painted with dreams and colored with hope. Reality and practicality became your companions since the day you stepped out of school. The day when you finally appeared for your board exam. The day you waited for me after it was over. And the day that made us what we are.
You must be surprised that how I know all these. How I can relate to every thing and every part of your life. When you haven’t ever talked with me. when we hadn’t interacted in a proper way till the previous week. Until I ended up at the doors of your department. Even I get surprised at times. That how can I connect with you so well when from the world’s point of view we are two different people from two different worlds. Two individuals who have nothing in common except a medical degree and an old school even where we were batch mates for a short time period. 
The times of our lives that we have spent together can be counted in moments. Yes only in moments. Moments when our eyes had met. Seconds you may say. Moments when we crossed each others path. Moments when you used to wait for me. Moments when we came near and moments when we went apart. Moments when you smiled at me before the PG entrance test unable to recognize me at the first instance. And moments that we have been spending together since the past few days.
Do you think these are enough for me to understand who you are and what you are. How you feel. What you think. What you desire. What you crave for. What pangs you deep inside and what kindles a fire. What makes your face brighter and what deprives it of the charm it beholds. And what exactly you would think when you will read these lines, if you ever do. It isn’t possible to know somebody so well without even spending an ounce of time with them that would be considered as a proper relationship or say friendship. But I do. Surprisingly may be. 

This letter of mine is a reply to the unanswered questions of your mind lingering since the last day of our school.

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  1. Just stopping by as part of the A-Z Challenge. It's absolutely true, life is a series of coincidences. It's what we do with those opportunities that counts!

  2. That was a beautiful letter. Hope his doubts are cleared now. Just loved the way you are telling this story, Sushree. I am way behind in catching up. Doing my best to know the full story. :)


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