Tuesday, 7 April 2015

# 6 Friend

We reached near my house in about thirty minutes. 
I asked Ritesh to stay back tonight. He didn’t agree owing to aunty’s strict rules. I smiled and bid him good night while watching his car lights slowly fade in the dark. 

My legs trembled.And body ached. When the mind is tired what role can the physical strength play. The steps leading to third first floor flat seemed like a mountain suddenly. Slowly and steadily I put my steps on them. While opening the red coloured lock and  pulling the cris crossed iron gate outwards I felt as if descending to the ground any moment. Trying to maintain my composure, I switched on the lights after opening the main door. 

The living room was in a mess. With books and notes around. The result of a marathon study before the final 15 days of the exam. I prayed God for few seconds to bless me with a rank that would let  me choose my desired branch.  My hunger had vanished away somewhere.Not in a mood to eat I decided to take a shower.

 The way water drenched my body, I wished my tears could drench my soul. But I knew it wouldn’t. Tears may act as an anesthetic for few hours but can never heal a wound.
I heard some one ringing my door bell. Surprised I rushed out of the bathroom and dressed up in a hurry. Thinking who it may be, I opened the door and was surprised to see Ritesh standing in front with a bunch of packets in his hands. 

“ Don’t be so surprised. What did you expect ? I will go to sleep like an obedient son leaving you alone here, that to tonight. No way. I know what you need now. Just one thing. Your best friend by your side” he said with a grin and forcefully entered inside. 
 “But aunty, how did she agree ?” 
“ Why are you worried about that. Manipulative skills brother. Manipulative skills. It’s required every where. Not only while dealing with the outside world. But also inside in your own home. Now stop all that crap. Eat your favourite paneer and start your story again. I am dying to know what happened next”

I laughed hearing his words. And relieved too, finding him near me again.
However strong a person may be, we always need someone to lean on. Both of sat down.
Biting pieces of roti with paneer I braced up to travel back again.


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  1. Who doesn't need such friends that can stand by you in all times !!

  2. My parents taught us to choose our friends wisely. Keep them close and don;t let them go.

  3. Its always about the friends who stand by our side when things go bad!! I am curious to know the story too :)

    God is a Gamer

  4. Friendship like this is a treasure :-)


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