Thursday, 2 April 2015

# 2 Blue....

Ritesh didn’t ask me about the paper. He knew it would have been good. What he was more interested in, was the reason behind his naughty smile. I opened the door and sat in the car even without uttering a word. Moments of silence surrounded us until the lane that turned right and led to my home. He finally gave up and asked. 
 “Is it about Smita….Amrit”

I didn’t reply. I couldn’t. Because it wasn’t just about Smita. 

It was about the girl I had first seen between the break of my classes while moving from one corrider to another in search of an artist for the house competition. Blue was the colour of my house in the school. And so was hers. I was the leader of my class  and it was my responsibility to find an artist for the upcoming competition. Our trusted man had fallen sick in the hands of a deadly bacteria leaving it’s dependents in turmoil. The wall painting competition was the one that had always propelled the yellow house team a step ahead making them stand with the champion cup year after year. But not this time I had determined. So had others. But luck many a times it defeats the most deserving.   

And Smita, the girl who sat in the rear seat few hours ago was the replacement artist I had found for the house event years ago to determine the fate of blue house that year,  for the wall painting whose theme for the year was “Shades of Blue”. 

“Amrit, do you want to get down down or come with me ? ”

May be the confusion in my mind still lingered. Ritesh guessed what I wanted and continued driving in a direction that left my home behind giving me the freedom to dive deep into the colour that had bound us years ago.


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  1. old beautiful memories that just make us nostalgic!!

  2. Ah, this is getting good :) Will he find Smitha again?

  3. Waah ... I am one of the protagonists ;-)


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