Sunday, 13 July 2014


The docile wind brushed across the white curtains propelling it with a gentle force , disturbing it’s so called peaceful sleep .

Neither appeased nor pacified the intruder searched for new companions amongst decorative designer furniture that displayed grumpy faces expressing their unwillingness to befriend an insignificant  passerby.

Saddened with the response , our  lonesome solitary wind decided to conclude his endeavor of finding new companions and to return back to his reclusive life amidst the high lands and clouds .
Just then his eyes fell on her , a plump brown colored book that seemed to have been forgotten with the advent of modern  age and spent a lonely life starving for a friend .

Like the blocks of a puzzle they coalesced together , as in happiness and joy  the brown pages fluttered . 


 Pic : Google Images



  1. Beautifully described. I love both Zephyr and book. And, the image fits so right here :) Good one!

  2. The wind is the protagonist caressing the forgotten book which comes out t alive. A very different take on the prompt.

  3. This is beautifully written, Sushree.

  4. An unusual love-story, Sushree!
    She was neglected, but great the passerby noticed her :)

  5. How creative, Sushree! Such a tender story of companionship. Can picture those pages fluttering in the gentle wind :)

  6. Lovely. Thats one unusual love story I have read :)

  7. Beautiful story it is! Very different take on the prompt!

  8. What a wonderful expression!

  9. A sweet love story...heartfelt. Great picture to go with it.

  10. Somehow I always think of the breeze as being a 'her'...

    A beautiful thought, this :)


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