Sunday, 13 July 2014

Your's Orkut....


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Hi Dear , 

How are you ? Busy right …with your new found friends .
Sorry for being so blunt . But that’s the truth I guess .

Well my purpose of writing is neither to poke you nor to point fingers at you . Rather to apologize for not being able to stand up to your expectations moving in a very  fast paced manner .

You remember the day you logged into my space . Young bubbly and vivacious you were . With sweetness of a 19 year old and simplicity of a young adult  . For a long time you had denied to log into my space and discover those amazing indulgences hidden in my world . And  finally when you did , there was no turning back .
Your friends , your interests , groups of your likeness there was everything that you wished for . A land that transformed your life into a dream world . You befriended with your classmates ,your seniors ,your juniors and even strangers . Didn’t you . And that was so easy . Just with the click of a mouse . To get enchanted in this world of internet where nobody’s a stranger and nobody a friend .
For hours you used to sit in the internet café near your house in the pretext of combined studies or tutions .A blush of pink traced on your cheeks when somebody sent you a birthday wish or when a sweet morning message came from an admirer .
Those scraps of emotions that tied you with your numerous friends out there , filled in bundles of joy within my heart as I was the medium which trustfully transferred every bit of word scribbled on the pages of my space. 

How can I forget your first fight with a friend when you hadn’t logged on for a whole day . Though I was sad but still I persevered as I knew you would come back to me like a beloved companion ignoring the hype and hoopla of this outrageous world . 
Yes you did . You did come back to me that day . 

But that was years back . When you were a youngster with pure gentle emotions untouched and unscathed .
And now , years thence  you have changed . So has every one .
I think that’s how life is .
I did try a lot to stand up to your expectations . To hold your gentle fingers continue typing . To bring you back in my arms . To forbid you from moving on .

Alas ! I couldn’t succeed . Coz you had already made up your mind .To move on . To abandon me . To hand over my rights in the hands of your new found indulgence . Slowly but steadily I could feel it . I could sense the change . First for hours , then days , then weeks , then months , then years and finally it was over . Our beautiful  lovable sweet relationship that was butchered alive in the hands of a smarter chicer and brighter space . The one that provided you everything that I did but in an instant .
That showed you new ways of not just indulgence rather self indulgence . And you got carried away . As that’s how human beings are . Too self obsessed . I limited myself to words and feelings coz I thought emotions are the building blocks of life . But it gave you the chance to display everything , just everything. Even your private of moments and surprisingly you loved that . Not just you but everyone else around you too .
And then you all moved on . Not individually but in bulk .
I was left alone  . Still I hoped that someday things may change . Someday you may remember me . Someday you may comeback bringing every one along with you . 

That dream of mine remains unfulfilled  .  And finally I have to bid goodbye .
So thought of writing to you as that’s the best medium I have always felt .

Take care and goodbye my dear ….
Best wishes and loads of love ,



Pic : Google Images .

Well , this is my 100th Post . A gift for our old friend Orkut :)


  1. aah that was a letter that started in a sweet manner, making me nostalgic and ended with a sad note with dear old orkut saying bye. good flow sushree :)

  2. A touching letter and congrats on your 100th post :)

  3. Hi.. I have passed on the Liebster Award to you.. check it out here..


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