Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Did You Bump Into Goodness Today .....

UBC Day 1:

The bus was filled to it’s optimum capacity .Can say even more than it’s capacity .  Still more people wanted to get in and reaching home alive after a suffocating travel of just 10 mins can be considered more than an achievement . 
How can we deny that , in this struggle for survival each one of us fights our own battles which may get transformed to full fledged war at times . 
But the issue here isn’t about these suffocating struggles nor about the unwanted battles or wars  but about the people we encounter during these periods .  
All these years meeting people , interacting with them I realized there are not just bad ones but good ones too . 
The ones who restore our faith in humanity . The ones who make us feel safe again  .
The ones who make us feel you aren’t alone . Even I am one of your kind .

Whenever we do good and get stabbed at the back we start cursing everyone around the very next moment and in return curse God too , thinking there’s no meaning in being good .
But that’s not always the case . If you are a good person , if you are a good soul , if you have a caring heart with a sense of charity within yourself then , I am pretty sure you will bump into someone exactly like you . 
When …may be any moment . Where... may be just any where . Who... may be just any one . A beggar , an auto driver , a bus conductor , a TT, a fellow passenger , a friend who was once a stranger or simply someone who comes to your help when no one’s around .
And do you know who these people are . 
The one’s send by God . 
The ones who need to know each other . Get to interact , get to learn and get to share each other’s feelings . 
And feel that yes , humanity’s still alive .  Shouldn’t I preserve mine when somebody else like me is exactly doing the same.
As at the end it makes life simple . It makes life comfortable and it makes life livable . 

So , whenever you feel lost in this big bad world and a thought quivers in your mind that what’s the point in being good . What’s the need to be honest. What’s the value of being a caring person.

Just wait before making up your mind .
Just wait before taking any decision . 

Coz who knows you may bump into some goodness today .


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  1. Rightly said Sushree. There are good people in this world. We need to look more keenly and be good people ourselves too!

  2. Well said!! No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. In fact it makes a big difference and usually come backs to us! It is best to keep your circle of karma positive!

  3. Very true! the post is so engrossing, I read it in one breath.

  4. you said it really well. Indeed we are known by our acts and behaviour. It's better to correct ourselves and spread goodness than wait for others. Wonderful post.

  5. What goes around,comes around.
    No good deed ever goes waste

  6. This is the second time today that I'm quoting this. You attract what you think and believe. And of course what you do. Every act gets returned with interest sooner or later.
    Great pointers stated here. Wish everyone of us act on them :)

  7. Beautiful post about goodness in humanity. I believe in what goes around comes around and something we should reflect upon:)

  8. True... there are some good people... may be few but there are
    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

  9. Very true.
    There are good people too :)
    Beautiful post :)


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