Monday, 16 June 2014


The aroma of a freshly cooked bread omelet made him stand for a while .
It reminded him of home , where his mother awaited , with sunken eyes for her son to arrive .

There was someone else with him who was also looking at the fuming hot pan with greedy eyes and those eyes didn’t speak of memories but something more pragmatic about life “hunger”.

In a second he recognized that look which resembled one of his own during those old days of struggle when he had sufficient hunger in stomach but insufficient money in pocket , to satisfy it.

Before boarding the bus he handed over money to the shopkeeper asking him to serve the little urchin with a plate of bread omelet and smiled to himself for being blessed enough to fulfill someone else's wishes today .


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  1. Touching....Sure you have a big heart for street urchins in most of your posts !!!

  2. Very touching post, Sushree! Nicely written. I could feel the aroma of the omelette and bread :)

  3. That is a very nice story.How I wish all of us are inspired to do like wise..

  4. This is how examples are set by those who lead from the front

  5. Such a lovely do-good story!
    May we all do such acts of kindness, Sushree!

  6. That was such a sweet gesture! I really liked the story!

  7. I enjoyed this as well however I feel he did the nice deed to simply feel good about himself, which absolutely mirrors life. Many people are more worried about how good it feels to help someone else than to JUST helping someone.

  8. heart warming post,the picture quote used is powerful

  9. That was such a wonderful message you sent about, sushree. Only if everybody thought in a like manner.

  10. Wow. Such a heartwarming story this was. :)


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