Monday, 16 June 2014


The sky was clear, not his mind 

Though it was devoid of clouds that day but mostly it rained giving the inhabitants another reason to fuss about
The other was a visit to his clinic 

Before exploring into the mouth of a patient he took a view of the jetty where a boat awaited it’s liberation , just like him 

Putting on the mouth mask he remembered his old professor who advised them not to show their giggling teeth as that’s what they would do for the rest of their lives 

“But” he thought “Can someone else define how our life’s going to be” 

Pic : Friday Fictioneers .

Being a dentist myself I really loved writing this one . Thanks for coming up with the photo prompt this week :)


  1. None else oneself define one's life...a good one.

  2. Dear Sushree,

    Why not show giggling teeth. Nothing wrong with a dentist who enjoys his or her job. I have a lady dentist who does.

    It was too good of a photo to pass up. Glad it resonated with you.



  3. Sushree, Interesting from the Dr.'s point of view. Well done. :) ---Susan

  4. I know of people who don't like to show their teeth while laughing :)
    I remembered you, Sushree, when I saw the prompt coz even you are a dentist :)


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