Sunday, 1 June 2014

If I Were A Superhero .....

If I were a superhero
It’s not just one
But many I would ask for .

Power to wither down injustice
Power to end wars .
To make people smile for reasons so silly
To freshen up again a dried up lily .

Vanish away a rich baron’s golden anklet
Steal the glamor from a proud starlet .
Fill it up in the palms of those
Who spend their lives carving for few more .

To open up gates of ice cream stores
For kids of all ages staring outside glass doors .
To let everyone’s taste buds feast for a while 
With chicken , paneer and double egg rolls .

To harbor hopeful rays
Even in glistening summer noon
Fulfilling promises not late but too soon .
Shielding up women from dirty lustful looks
Punishing perpetrators diminishing crooked crooks .

Making people value emotions more in life
Forgetting daily squabbles in the blink of an eye .
How soothing life would be for each one out there
When all live in peace and get their deserving share .

Though we are not superheroes
Still let’s seek
To make lives a little better
Being humane enough
And not maddening selfish freaks .


Pic : Google Images 

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. This is so refreshing sushree!! Loved it :) Fits into the prompt so meaningfully :)

  2. Profound thoughts... We badly need a superhero for cleansing current systems....

  3. A very apt take on the subject. I loved the poem. The lines " Making people value emotions more in life
    Forgetting daily squabbles in the blink of an eye" touch the heart. .

  4. Like the poem a lot, God take on the prompt. :)

  5. Superb! Nice take on the prompt!

  6. How I wish u were the super Shero with super power, Doc. Loove and drool over ur amazing poem and I can feel the world being a better place, free of injustice, now only:)

  7. Lovely take Sushree. Amazing one here.


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