Sunday, 1 June 2014


Quietly she escaped , over the weekends .
To a place unknown.
Far from the maddening rush that seemed to shout   “it’s weekend again” .

But she wasn’t convinced.
For her interests varied from those of her colleagues busy comparing the prices of the latest brands.
If questioned  , she replied nothing except a faint smile which read “you won’t understand” .


Leaning her bicycle against the majestic  wall she readied herself for the day .

Making herself comfortable on the stairs that opened up doors for a complete new world traversing till horizons inviting creative minds to weave tales , that speaks enough though in silence .


 Pic : Friday Fictioneers .


  1. Dear Sushree,

    It would read better to say, "she readied herself..."

    There's a lot to be said within the bounds of silence, isn't there?



    1. Thanks for the suggestion :) and yes it's there .....

  2. What a lovely take on the prompt :) We all need those 'me' time, don't we.

  3. I bow to u, Doc and such beautiful words weaved. I feel like chasing my dreams and quest for freedom:)

  4. Brilliant !! A great take on the prompt.

  5. Listening to the silences...not everyone can do it. But something tells me you are perhaps quite good at that sort of thing :)
    This was a very nice read, Sushree!

  6. Ah that personal space, we all crave for! :)

  7. Hi sushree, happy to inform you that i have nominated you for the Liebster award :) might be 'again', but i hope it matters! congrats and best wishes!

  8. Sushree, Good story. It's difficult these days to find silence. We have to work at it but it's worth it. We need those quiet times. Well written. :) ---Susan

  9. Seems like she doesn't fit it - I hope she finds others of the same ilk.

  10. hello di the fact is that you can hear to the silence and can learn from it becoz it has various quantum of qualities and various angels of dimentions of it''s own... plz write more and more....

  11. Good, that she found the 'Me' time and her solace. Sweet take on the prompt, Sushree !


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