Tuesday, 7 July 2015


It as dark by the time I returned. 
Tired and exhausted I literally collapsed on the sofa even before turning on the lights. 
But my relaxing mode was short lived when sound of utensils falling reverberated in the house , forming sweat drops on my forehead. 

Taking cautious steps I switched on the light and opened the main door again getting prepared to face the intruder. 

And that’s when a soft furry feel caressed my toes, staring straight into my eyes, the house owner's kitten, as if clarifying it wasn’t him but the hunger which was the real thief.


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  1. awe.. so cute, nice surprise for the prompt!

  2. D'aww :)

    I thwack my cats when they steal and immediately feel sorry for them :P

  3. Hey Sush
    Nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Love your blogs.*Hugs*
    Check this link

  4. Cuty cuty...love the twist

  5. Lovely and cute little story:) It made me smile

  6. Lovely and cute little story:) It made me smile

  7. Aw, such a cute little story and cute pic of kitty!! Loved it. x

  8. Aww...such a cute kitten, well said hunger is main culprit in most of the cases ;)


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