Monday, 14 October 2013

Free Soul...

Tie me down ,
If you ever can ,
I will fly across , my wings trudged in air .
Pierce me inside ,
With shrapnel of any kind  ,
Heal I will thyself.
Break me apart ,
With bruising words ,
I will stand up , picking pieces amass
Burn me down ,
Enkindling  any  flame ,
Like a Phoenix I will rise from my ashes that remain .
Suffocate me in chambers  ,
Of your choice ,
I will dig a hole for the breeze to aerate .
Negotiate the rates ,
You think  my  future’s  in your hands ,
Don’t ...
I can absolve from inviolable strands 
Play all tricks as you wish dear ,
My heart’s  a barren place devoid favour or fear ,
Indulge in fruitless endeavours  sans  lead ,
Rather , refrain is my advice instead .
I can’t be entrapped partly or whole ,
Coz...I am a free soul .


Do scribble down few words motivates :)

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