Sunday, 6 October 2013

You can still Hold on...

There may be moments when you feel  a bit down ,
Nothing seems like working out around ,
You feel  there’s  a mountain tasked ahead ,
But which path to follow isn’t decided yet,
What’s wrong and what’s right can’t figure out ,
Tired of noises  hovering around ,
Overloaded  problems like spilt over cup ,
Want to shout and say everyone to stop .
From useless advices or cajoled words ,
Want to run somewhere far...
To a land devoid of any tensions  .
Where earnings are not in rupee ,dollar or dinar ...
But pure happiness  as pay check and also as pension ,
To a land satiated with childhood innocence ,
Where it isn’t necessary to always make sense,
To a land of honesty and selfless love ...
Where  every moment can be spent with your Heart throb ,
A land  where dreams aren’t ocean’s apart ,
Rather remain in your embrace and never depart .
Then ...
Say to yourself  “ I won’t break down” ,
Even if it seems things aren’t working out ...
Because ...
Whenever you feel all  Hope has gone ,
Remember ...You can still Hold on .


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