Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Moon's Musing

The moon peeped in ,
Through the window last night ,
Pondering , musing and mulling ,
Over the sight.
It saw an young lass ,
With straight brown hair ,
And pristine black eyes ,
Gazing up above ,
Aimlessly into the sky .
Curiosity built up in his head ,
And wanting things to be a bit more clear ,
The moon wanted to know the reason ,
Behind the dried up trails of tears .
What could  ever scathe ,
Her lovable unadulterated heart ,
The loss of a dear one,
Or an obscure deceit ,
A long lost love ,
Or a frustrating defeat .
Brooding over his thoughts ,
And getting entangled in his mind ,
He wondered ,
Can ever the Devine be so unkind ?
If not anything , then let me just say ,
The cool breeze to blow by ,
Letting her nous go astray .
Pleased with his never ending efforts ,
She resolved not to let them go futile ,
And not to drop down tears or cry .
The moon and the lass ,
Agnised that day,
It’s no use to dwell within the confines of the psyche ,
Rather , brush off the agony ,
Ignoring the unnecessary hype .


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