Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ordeal Of A Different Kind...

For years I stayed ,
In the same place ,
Protecting you and your family...
From every approaching storm...
Upholding my poise , maintaining my calm.
Fiery summer noons , freezing winter nights...
My body signalled to give up...
Still I persevered with all my might.

As the showers of first rain touched the earth...
It spread a curve on yours lips...
But ...I had to face the wrath...
Of lightening and thunder bolts spreading across the sky ,
Searching for a link to merge with the land dry.

Friends , Relatives or Acquaintances ,
If they come over ...
Appreciate the magnificent glass windows ,
But forget to recognise me ... giving it cover .
May be the graceful black frames were more alluring for their eyes .
It was wrong for me to expect , to get noticed with a torso of pale white.

Slowly as the night creeped in...
Spreading  silver rays of the moon
I felt I have found my long lost friend in him ,
Precious and pure...just like  a flowing stream.
This imaginary world of mine ,
 Crashed down like a pack of cards
Reminding me of my duties ,
Declaring I am mere guard .
Every night when you close the windows ,
Securing your land of dreams ,
Somber heart of mine..quietly screams.

Over a decade I awaited , spinning strands of love ,
Desiring to unite with my old friend , Amidst lovely ballad songs.
Patience rewards you the most , I realized  that day ...
When your house was rejuvenated , for the need of more space.
You  removed me from the old room
And restored , in a new block...
Where ,
Forget about anybody else , even there was no window to pull me back.

My languish of decades ...came to an end,
Breaking  unseen chains ,
Letting me feel the gentle breeze and the first drops of rain .
Glad I am at your humble thoughts of not replacing me ,
Rather , helping me in finding myself and understanding my worth..
Honestly today , till my very core...spread a galvanising thrill ,
Yes , I did feel it...Although I am a mere  Iron Grill .

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